Watch here for updates and pictures from Team Open Doors Orphanage/Construction!

February 1st – 8th, 2013.


16 thoughts on “Welcome…

  1. We are excited to hear about your safe arrival at Paradise Bound. Praying that God will show you so much more of his power, grace and love than you can even imagine.

  2. Team LIVE SENT has made it to the base safely. It is now 1 in the morning. We are heading to bed and then getting ready at 7 to get things in place for the first medical clinic. Thank you for your continued prayers….

  3. We are glad to hear of your safe travels and praying for all of you in this time that you may be able to show Gods Love.

  4. Awesome, Glad to hear you made it safely! We are praying for a great day, week, and experience as you minister and are ministered to. Enjoy God’s presence! Bob, Breanne, and Matthew, (Matao)

  5. What an awesome experience. May God protect you all from injury or illness and may you be blessed richly. We’re praying for you. Bill and Audrey

  6. God is good. As I sip on my Guatemalan coffee, soaking up the beautiful sunshine and warmth, I remember why this place is so dear to my heart. The perspective and focus I gain while I am here puts my life into perspective. When you are in the states, you are in your comfort zone. You have a list of things that need to get done and your priorities often center around things of this world, and unfortunatley God is not at the top.
    When I come to Guatemala, I start to forget the stress of my American life. I look at what God calls us to do. Help the widowed and orphaned, love on people, give your talents and time for Gods good work. Yesterday we went to a village that took about 3 hours to get there. Honestly the traveling is not my favorite part, smells, warm vehicles and the constant rocking and tossing around as we travel on what you may consider off roading terrain, tends to make my stomach turn making a 3 hour drive seem unbearable. But, when we arrive and see all of the families waiting to recieve medical help, and unknowingly being in the presence of a Great God who wants to heal them more than medicine every will, I am reminded once again how truly awesome our God is.
    The village we went to was very apprehensive for us to be there. This “refugee camp” slowly started to warm to us as we tried to connect by playing with children to build trust. I especially connected with a young boy that made my heart warm. I saw so much happiness and joy which ultimatley rubbed off on me, helping to forget my hurts and hang ups. Often comming to Guatemala your mind set is “how can I serve these people?”, “What can I do to help them?” Always, always I am the one who leaves feeling blessed. Even though life is difficult and sometimes you are sad and lonely, or hurt and angry, God is there and waiting for you to call on him. Waiting for you to see his love and mercy that for some reason, when I come down here, my walls come down and I once again am refreshed and open to see his blessings that he gives me daily…no no, I think better, moment by moment. Our God is Great!

  7. Hey Robbie Lee…hope you have a great birthday tomorrow ( I know which one it is)…praying for you guys…have a great week

  8. Katie, Thanks for the update. So glad you made it. Praying God blesses your team and all the people there by your work.

  9. So glad you made it. We check updates everyday…crowding around the computer to read. God Bless.
    Griffin and Summer Vlietstra and kids.

  10. Nice job in writing your feelings, Katie Schuller! Thats exactly how we feel when we are in Haiti!! Even though we’ve been back for a week, our hearts are still there! God bless you as you bless “the least of these”.

  11. We love to hear all your updates and we are praying for you all daily. So many of you serving are close to our hearts and we pray that God is touching each of you in a very special way. We think about you several times throughout the day, wondering what amazing thing your involved in at that moment. Soak up the Son!!

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