Brent Leusink


7 thoughts on “Brent Leusink

  1. hello daddy-o. have been praying for you everyday. don’t worry the boys and i are just fine . love you to the moon and back again. and don’t ask me what i did in school becuse i will not remember. hehe haa! sorry just cuz’e your in guatemala it’s not any diffrent than at home so i don’t rememer. love rachey joy.

  2. Hi Rachel, Jacob, and Noah. How are you all doing? We are doing great. How is Casey? are you having fun playing with him? We got in very late the night we flew in and then last night we went to a vey remote village and didn’t get back until very late again. Last night we got stuck with the van going up a mountain to get to the village, we tryed to push the van out and I got covered by mud that the wheels were spinning up. Be good for Grandma and Grandpa. I love and miss you all and can’t wait to see you soon.

  3. brent i hope u didnt get mud on your face. remember what happened to seth? did you get another squeaky bunk mate?

  4. Yes Dave I did get mud on my face but so far I am still ok! No I don’t have a squeaky bunk mate but there are a lot of snorers. Buy the way who won the Super Bowl?

  5. Hi Brent and Becky Praying for you on this dedication day Wanted you to know we can now receive messages on your computer but can’t send any So you can talk to the kids but they can’t talk back, would be good to have that at home at times? Enjoy your last days! We will keep on praying Dad

  6. well brent the 9ers lost but it was a good game. we missed you guys at the party. hope you are enjoying your time there. i am looking forward to going there again this summer.

  7. Hi old man 🙂 I just wanted to let you know I’m praying for you. Tell me when you guys talk in church because I want to come. Say hi to Hermano for me

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