Caleb Schrock


15 thoughts on “Caleb Schrock

  1. Caleb,
    Did you sleep in the bus down to Omaha…or were you too excited? We are so thankful that you are able to go to Guatemala with your family and friends from church. God has special plans for us all everyday and He has special plans for you while you are there. Have fun sharing Christ’s love with others….you have a special way of doing that, Caleb. We love you and will take good care of everything back home here while you are gone. We’ll be eager to hear about your experiences while you are there. Love you, G’ma and G’pa Schrock

  2. Hey Caleb! I’m excited for you and hope you enjoy your time on this mission trip because I hear it can be life changing. God bless…

    Daiana Hubers

  3. CALEB! Look at you! You’re in Guatemala. How exciting. I am praying for your time there and hope the Lord works in marvelous ways through you.

  4. Hi Caleb. We were praying for you to arrive safely in Guatemala. Hopefully you had a good trip. Did you and Landon get to sit together on the airplane? I am so glad that you and Landon get to serve together. Landon is very excited to be with such a good friend for this experience. Thanks for letting God use you to show His love. Have a extraordinary week!

  5. Hey everybody! Thanks for the notes. I hope you are having a fun time and I appreciate the notes and prayers. I played soccer last night at the clinic and handed out LOTS of candy and helped with the medicines. Thank you…love Caleb Schrock

  6. Hey Caleb, How is it down there? I miss you! I pray for you everyday! Well have fun there!
    God Bless You!! 🙂 🙂

  7. Caleb,
    I am missing you soooooo much that I want to see you at our home. We are having a good time. I am having fun by doing some things that we can do with our hands…like finger painting, and coloring. It is so fun. I wish that you could be here when we did it this morning. And we are making crowns and there’s one for you and one for AJ. It will look good. I miss you. Love, Emilee

  8. Caleb,
    Sounds like you’re having a great time. Soccer would be so fun! I bet the kids just love it. We are praying for you and hope that you are learning all kinds of new things about God’s love for you!

  9. Caleb, I sounds like you are very busy. I am sure that you are learning a lot about our great God. I am so glad that you have the wonderful chance to be His servant and show His love in this beautiful place. We are praying for you!

  10. Caleb,
    Grandpa has been gathering the eggs and feeding the cows each day. It snowed a little Sat. night but just enough to dust the ground. Today, Tues., still has just a little snow, but not much. Em has basketball practice after school today. We are going to surprise Em and eat lunch with her one day this week. Maybe Grandma one day and Grandpa another day. Think she will like that? We are going to eat supper at the church tomorrow night before Pioneer Club with your sisters. Did you help stucco the houses? I remember when we were down there, you were such a hard worker carrying the stucco to the workers! We pray for you each day, Caleb.
    Love you, Grandma and Grandpa Schrock

  11. Caleb, We are praying that you have a good trip and stay safe. We hope you get the rest you need while you are in Guatemala. Good luck sharing Jesus with others. Have fun!
    Brett & Carter Van Gelder

  12. Caleb, I can’t wait to hear about your trip when you get back to school! I would like to go to Guatemala sometime.
    Naomi Mellema

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