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  1. Hi Dawn
    I am praying that you will see God in amazing ways this week! I am praying that God will work in and through you for his glory! I hope it is a great experience for you!

  2. Hi Dawn: Glad to hear you, Chris and the group had a good trip and a great day yesterday. Praying all goes well for you today also. It was cold and icy here yesterday so we couldn’t help wondering how warm it was over by you. Love you mom and dad

  3. Thank you so much for the encouragement and prayers everyone! It has definately been a priceless experience and we are only 2 days into it! It is amazing how God works with us and through us to spread his word! Never realized the amazing beautiful country Guatemala had to offer. The temperatures have been in the 60’s to 70’s and beautiful! I have been blessed with an amazing team to live and work with this week. Thank you again for your prayers, please continue as you are also in my prayers. Love you all 🙂

  4. So glad everything is going well so far. The temps sound wonderful. It will be in the 30″s here this week, so we cannot complain. Praying all goes well the rest of the way. Love, Gary and Jan
    PS- the Ravens won the superbowl 34-31.

  5. Dawn; Praying that you will have another blessed day. Think about you, Chris, and team often during the day wondering what you are doing.
    love you guys mom and dad

  6. Good Evening 🙂
    Today was our first day of building. Teams got all walls and mudding done on the 5 houses we are building at the village today early, so we were able to get back to base and have some extra free time. Was a busy day of work and very hot, but so neat to see so many Happy children and adults. Just proved you don’t need to have much to be happy. We were able to eat some great authentic food for lunch and fresh fruit right from the trees. The houses we are building are just below one of the volcanoes so we were able to get some great pictures on the way. Once again the scenery here is just fabulous and the country is not even in full bloom as it is the ‘summer’ season here.

    As 5:30 comes early and we have devotion time soon I am wishing you hugs and love! Chris and I are doing well and enjoying our time here.

    Thank you for the thoughts and prayers!
    Dawn 🙂

  7. So great to hear from you both this evening. Hoping you continue your wonderful time. Blessings to you all for your hard work. Love, Jan

  8. Hey Dawn, we are praying for you and the team that you will be blessed as well as those you are working for, and that you will return home safely when your work is finished. Love your big bro

  9. Hi Dawn, This is a life changing experiance for you and I know you will be blessed. We have a group going down there from our church next summer to do the same thing tha you are doing. I went to Mexico 40 years ago and it changed my life. God bless you all. Love , Uncle, Marv

  10. Hey Little Sister~ Glad to hear you had a good trip and all is well. My students are all praying for your mission team and wish you the best! Enjoy your time and see you when you return. Love you. Gail

  11. Hello my family!
    Another Great day of building and overcast skies so it was not as hot. We were able to get the porch on and entire house textured. Tomorrow is our big day of painting and dedication to our families. What a great family we have we are building the house for. They are so thankful for their home that didn’t even have a roof last night, but still spent the night 🙂 Just imagine, a home with no roof, but spending the night. The village people are welcoming, the natural flowers are beautiful and the food is wonderful. It’s work, but enjoyable in a crazy way! On the way to our village today, we got to see the volcano poof out smoke! Pretty exciting!
    Thank you again for all your love and prayers. We are all doing well, learning alot and enjoying God’s world!
    Love you all!
    Dawn 🙂

  12. Enjoyed your updated information. Sounds like today will be very special with the dedication of the new homes. It will be another blessing for all.
    Love you both Mom and Dad

  13. How awesome to see a live volcano! We were all impressed! All is well on the homefront. B had the flu for a few days, but is heading back to school today. The weather has been more mild the past couple of days…but I’m looking forward to summer weather! Sounds like your temps are cooperating with the work that you are doing. It is hard to imagine that a family could sleep in a house with no roof! We are so blessed. Enjoy another great day and see you when you get home. Say hi to Chris for us. The Vonk’s

  14. Sounds like a wonderful experience. So glad the weather has been good for you. I hope you got some pictures of the volcano and flowers! I am sure the beauty of it all is breathtaking. Hope you have another great day and God’s blessings to you all. Love, Jan

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  15. What a wonderful experience to see first hand what most of us read about. What a blessing you have brought to those people, and them to you! I hope you have some pictures to share with us. We have so much to be thankful for.Have a great day tomorrow and may God be with you all. Love ya, Mother

  16. Good Evening,
    What an amazing day! We finished building our homes today with paint and a roof. After another amazing lunch our dedications began around 1:15 for all 5 houses and finished around 6:30. Many, many prayers were raised, rededications and many acceptances of Christ!! What an amazing day in so many ways! The day realy went fast, but took much longer than usual. It was hard to say good bye to such a wonderful group of people and a beautiful village thru the eyes of your heart!

    Hope the new memory card for the camera doesn’t fill up just yet as I”m taking pics almost every few minutes. Pictures don’t do justice, but brings back many wonderful, priceless memories. I can’t wait to share with all 🙂

    On a lighter side…we did not take ‘old blue’ out to the village today since she was resting today. This is the blue ford van that Chris and I have been riding in the last few days along with the other ‘daring’ team members. Blue did not make it up ‘security hill’ outside the base the first night and then got stuck in mud on the side of the moutain up a path to our first clinic/mission. Those are some stories to fill you in with later, but everyone now knows I get nervous around hills and so I can’t look or I need to be distracted. A bit ‘loco’!! (crazy in spanish)…Oh yeah, learning spanish here or the kids will mob you hhahaha 🙂

    Tomorrow we head to the market and finish up some work around the base. Has been a wonderful week all in all and been reminded what an Awesome God we serve!!

    Thanks again for all your prayers and support!!
    Dawn 🙂

  17. You deserve a day of fun and shopping. It all sounds so awe inspiring. I am sure you will have special memories of this trip forever. Have a great time today and enjoy! Have a safe trip home. God Bless you all. Love, Jan

  18. How interesting reading your message. Glad to hear all is well and that you are getting some time off today. Enjoy and we will pray your team will have a safe trip back home. Can’t wait to see the pictures and hear all the stories and memories. God is good! luv ya Dad and Mom

  19. Good Morning 🙂
    Gail, I’m so glad to hear B is feeling better! One of the girls here was sick for a day so missed out on the first day of building, but is back at it with us. We had the 2 little girls in our room get colds at the beginning of the trip making it hard to sleep with the coughing, but with the prayers they are feeling better and more sleep has been had in our room 🙂 (besides the snoring in unison by a few lol) We are all very forturnate otherwise 🙂

    Forgot to mention we did see the same volcano from the day before smoking again yesterday on the way to our building! I got some awesome pictures of that and was so cool to literally see it poof! Then to imagine our God is so powerful he can ‘Move’ that mountain and volcano! Pretty impressive! 🙂

    Gail, please tell your students a huge Thank You from me and my team for praying for us and if you want to give them visuals of what we were building for a house, read Chris’s blog. He does great descriptions. I’m keeping your students in my prayers also.

    Time to eat. Thank you again everyone!
    Luv you all!
    Dawn 🙂

  20. Our God is an awesome God! We love hearing your stories and can’t wait to see your pictures. God is using you and your team in so many ways!

    We have quite a bit of sickness going around at school, so we are disinfecting whenever we can, washing hands frequently, and drinking lots and lots of water. Thankfully, the teachers haven’t caught the bug yet.

    J’s workshop is getting cement laid today. I am sure our laying cement is so different from how cement is laid there…pumper trucks, packers, etc. B would rather be home working than at school. He’s lovin’ every minute of construction time he can get.

    Have a safe journey home on Friday. I can’t wait to see you and hear all about your time in Guatemala.

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