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  1. Dee,
    Praying for you while you are there sharing Christ’s love.
    Lana and Jerry Schrock

  2. Been praying for you this morning. Will be anxious to hear that you have arrived safely i Gautemala

  3. Thinking about you all as you head to the village today. Praying you feel God’s strength and power!

  4. Deeanne, Praying daily for you, praying this finds you healthy, Vs for you Luke 2:10″fear not, for behold, I bring you Good News of great Joy That will be for all the people” praying you share this amazing good news with all the people you talk to in Guatemala, Shine for Jesus, Praying for you Val

  5. Hi mom! So happy for you that you are up in Guatemala! You are the perfect person to be on this trip, a time to get away and enjoy God’s earth and people. I know that you will bring them much joy and love with the caring spirit that you have. Many prayers are going to you right now and many people are thinking of you. Love you mom! Can’t wait to hear all your stories!

    Love Breanne

  6. Hi DeeAnn! Just thinking of you right now, hoping you are loving your time in Guatemala! Enjoy being with the people from church, the Guatemalans, and God. I know it’s a treat for you to travel and be without kids (or grandkids). I’m praying for you (as we all are), and I love you!!


  7. Hey Mom,
    Hope you are having a great time enjoying the nice weather and laying out on the beaches of Guatemala!! I know that’s what we do when we are down there. Just Kidding. I hope this is an impacting trip for you and that you are enjoying blessing the Guatemalan People!!

  8. Hi DeeAnn
    We are praying for you often through this week..I know you are a blessing to all you work with, the people and the team, as you show them Jesus love.. Stay well ane safe.
    Fred and Evelyn

  9. Hey, thanks to all of you who have left messages! It is a lot of fun to check them out! We are waiting on pizza delivery tonight, Can you believe it? Dominos. We have however been enjoying awesome authentic meals at the villages,served by the women (clean water and food brought in by us) Everyone has been staying pretty healthy. Melissa Dykstra sick yesterday, stayed back. I am doing great. We are putting in big days ending with tired bodies but am sleeping well.
    We are getting our house construction done in record time and back at base early where there are other jobs to do. We are working on vans, mechanical; electrical recessed lights in big room. cleaning kitchen cupboards mudding the walls in places, priming some upstairs rooms and folding laundry for the tiny tots in the orphanage. Wow, it’s fun to hear the bustling around as everyone tackles their jobs.
    Last night at devotions, the generator surged and blew out the amp for the system. It started smoking. Mike is working on that since it’s his expertise.
    We had great experiences at the villages with medical clinics. Felt God move in great ways. The travel to the first village was incredibly rough. pushed one of the vans up the path once. rocked our way over boulders and ruts, twists and turns 3 hours. details later. 🙂
    Our house at the village went well. stucco today. Tomorrow we will finish painting and dedicate the house and leave housewarming gifts.
    The weather has been awesome. I am enjoying the group – every facet – young and old; the American staff that is here and the 2 interns working here with Dan. Dan’s family is in Michigan for medical testing for his youngest son, Eli. Hearing loss. Puzzling.
    Well, the pizza is here and time to break. God bless you all, Dee Ann

  10. Dee Ann, Great to hear everything is going well and you are staying healthy. Matt is doing great and his cough is gone. PTL! His teacher was sick today so it was a little harder for him to focus. We pray for you everyday and look forward to hearing your stories of what you are experiencing. Love You! Bob

  11. Hi Dee Ann! I just wanted to let you know that I’m praying for you! I hope you’re enjoying your time there and that you have a good time working with the Lord.

  12. Dee Ann, Hope our anniversary is a good day for you tomorrow! 🙂 Hope you have a great day and that God is honored through your witness and testimony to the people you work with and those you serve. Have a great day! Love, Bob

  13. Hi Mom! It was great to read your update. We prayed during staff prayer this morning that God will give you all strength and energy for your final day in Guatemala. I especially prayed that God would continue to be at work there through you guys and that you will be “awake” enough to see it! I love you very much, and I can’t wait to see you when you get back and hear more of your stories! Safe travels tomorrow, and I will see you soon! Happy Anniversary!

  14. Well I just spent about ten minutes with my message and lost it all. Well celebrated my 38th anniversary in a tropical Paradise …without Bob! He at this moment is enjoying a prime rib meal at church with another gal – daughter, Breanne. It seems like ages ago that we left Iowa in -9 degree weather. At this moment I am sitting here in the big room, doors open sounds of crickets and day ending. I listen to a dozen conversations around me as group eats the evening meal of spaghetti and homemade bars, thanks to Vicki. The children of this group are laughing and chasing each other around. It has been so much fun to get to know them they are troopers! Our group as bonded so well and we will miss each other. It is fun in our big dorm room, people are considerate and always some good conversation from bed to bed although most nights when we fell into bed it was immediate sleep! It is now time to get my bags packed and weighed for the trip home. We will leave here at about 3 am and fly out of Guatemala City at about 7 30 am. 5 hour layover in Houston. Should land in Omaha at 5 30 PM. God has manifested himself in such amazing ways and I can’t wait to share that with you all. Thanks so much for your prayers.l It truly is humbling to be here, experience God’s awesome power and answers to prayers. To live each moment, knowing that we’re in His hands, hearing our prayers and at work!! Love your all and thanks for your messages. Love, Dee Ann

  15. Mom, Happy Anniversary!
    We are so proud of you and the impact that you are undoubtedly having, not just with the Guatemalans but your Team.
    It’s cool to tell people that my mom is on a mission trip to Guatemala, working in an orphanage, building houses, and providing clinics for mountain tribes, and bringing the story of Jesus to people who have not heard!
    I can just see the Holy Spirit nudging Jesus and saying, this one got it! 🙂
    We can’t wait to hear what the Holy Spirit did through your group on this trip and how the experience has affected you.

    We love you Mom,
    John, Dana, and Lucas (he says ‘HI!’ with a big dimpled grin)

  16. Happy Anniversary, DeeAnn, hope you are continuing to see God all around you, you are such a special friend and praying for
    his grace to give hope and encouragement to others, Val

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