Jeffrey Schiebout


7 thoughts on “Jeffrey Schiebout

  1. Jeff,
    We hope the trip has been great so far. We are excited for you and jealous at the same time. Praying you have an awesome week!

  2. Jeff don’t forget to stop and learn from the people God puts in front of your path every day, and have fun!

  3. Jeff,
    Let this trip be a good one. Let it be as much about building yourself as it is building for others.
    We are praying this is a great week for all of you. Love you!

  4. We think about you often Jeff! I’m sure you are a huge help building the homes. Hoping the time away from work and the time with your family has been great. Praying for you!

  5. Being here is much better than being trampled by turtles but I haven’t sweat this much since last summer! Making great progress!

  6. Hey Jeff! I hope you had a great week in Guat! I pray that God used you in some awesome ways to bless all those you encountered! Hope to run into you soon so you can tell us about it! Tara

  7. Hey Jeff. It was great to be with you this week. Keep looking up and forward. Missed saying good bye at the Houston airport. Thanking God that all of us are more than our past. Can’t wait see what God does now with our future! I know he has great plans for you. Love you! Uncle Wick.

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