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  1. Justin,
    Soak in God’s beautiful plans for you while you are there….being His hands, feel, and voice to so many who long for Christ’s love. I remember how beautiful the countryside and the people were there. I’m so excited for you and your team to be able to share in His plans for you. Thank you for the blessing of giving us the opportunity to be with Emilee, Miya, Kira, and Naomi. We are settling in and having fun even on our first day. Hope we don’t spoil them too much for you. 🙂 Guess that’s what grandparents are to do, right? Love, Mom and Dad

  2. Welcome welcome! I hope your worldwide travels have led you safely to Guatemala. Many prayers for you and the team today upon your arrival. May the Lord be glorified in and through all actions and words. Give Dan a hug for me 🙂

  3. Hi Justin. We prayed for you today-especially that travel would go well. Hopefully you had a good travel day. We are praying for strength as you begin your week adventure with God and those he as put together on the Live Sent team. By the way–the t-shirts were really neat! Very creative!

  4. Hey guys We are doing well. We are busy with beans, rice, and meds. We also got the new generator in and fixed. PLEASE pray for a good night’s rest for the team tonight. So far all team members are well, just all very tired. We are heading to our first medical clinic tonight ( a coastal village of 65 families). We should be sharing the Gospel message at about 8pm CST. We will leave at noon and return around 1am. Dios Te Bendiga

  5. Knowing and believing God will show you all amazing things this week. So excited for you! God has given you a special passion and it’s inspiring to see you walk in it. Praying for you all!

  6. Justin,
    Be sure and read Vicki’s post that we sent to her about the girls. So sorry to share that Emilee got sick to her tummy today after worship.:-( She’s resting peacefully now after a warm bath, resting in her jammies and watching Umizoomi on the sofa.
    Miya and Kira sang “This Little Light of Mine” during the first part of worship…each taking their turn with their own groups for both services. Miya the first service, and Kira, the second. We left right after Kira sang since we stayed for the first service and the girls attended Sunday School and then after Kira sang, we came home. Thank goodness we did, because that is when Em got sick.
    We have been having fun and are looking forward to spending more time this week with the girls. Just praying that this isn’t the flu bug that Em has, that she feels better soon, and that no one else gets it. Pouring the love upon your daughters, our granddaughters.:-)
    Dad is wondering where you keep your Allen Wrenches so he can work on Caleb’s bed?
    Praying that you are getting the rest you need, that you are blessing others with Christ’s love, and that you can soak up His wondrous beauty. Love, Lana and Jerry

  7. P.S. Lana and Jerry aka Mom and Dad…..ha! Can tell I wasn’t thinking while I was typing our names…..guess I had my ears tuned to others talking….:-) Love ya, son!

  8. Praying for you for safety traveling and sharing God’s love. Reading these brings alot of great memories of God sightings that I have blessed to see the trips I was down there. Have a great day and week building homes and relationships.

  9. Thanks for the prayers everyone. We have many God stories and sightings Em, we are praying for you and know that you will be better soon. We know that Gpa and Gma will take care of you.
    Tell dad that the Allen wrenches are in the shop (white building behind the 3 stall) it is in the red tool chest next to the table saw. There are in the top right drawer. Tomorrow we begin our house building in La Reina. Ready to mix things up…..

  10. Hey Justin! Thanks for the birthday note I found in my office. I’m super impressed – how did you remember that??? Praying for your whole family – those here, those there… I saw your parents at church with the kiddos, and your dad was so cute. The twins had to go to the bathroom but wouldn’t go in the guys’. So there he stood outside the girls restroom, not knowing what they were up to. No worries – they were only playing in the toilet and splashing the water around. No biggie. Just kidding. They were doing great! Keep loving and serving the Lord with great passion! Can’t wait to hear the stories when you get back.

  11. Thanks for the prayers today everyone. We went to the village of La Reina to start the construction of five houses. IT was HOT, but a good day. As the team is getting along really well, it is amazing to see people process what they are seeing, feeling, and experiencing. We were able to get the ending point today that we were striving for.
    For the most part everyone is staying healthy. A few people are not feeling well, but are on the mend. Keep praying for health.
    Mom and Dad, how is Emilee feeling today? AJ, Caleb, Landon, and Becca, did awesome today, but they got tired quickly. It is so touching to see how they just jump right in and make friends with the kiddos. Blessings for now!

  12. Dad,
    How is it down there? We did some very fun things so far. We finger painted today. I am feeling better. How are the people that are sick doing? Are you having a good time down there? I miss you. I want to see you again. I and Grandma read your emails that you sent. They are great. When I heard about the volcano that you saw, I liked it. And it made me surprised. Love, Emilee

  13. Emilee,
    I knew you would have a blast! Finger paint? How fun. I have not seen Ruth yet, but I will try to see her and say hello from Emilee. Remember to help out grandpa and grandma with your sisters. Give Miya, Kira, and Naomi a hug from Daddy and Mommy.

  14. Praying especially for devotion time. I can only imagine what cool God sightings there are. Praying for health, strength and JOY.

  15. Dear Daddy,
    I miss you. I love you. I helped Grandpa get the eggs today. There were 9. Grandma and I have fun playing “Starfall” on the computer. Love, Miya

  16. Dear Daddy,
    I am happy that you’re going say “hi” to Ruth. Say “Emilee misses you, Ruth”. I want to see Ruth again. Please take a picture of Ruth if you see her. I miss her a lot because she is my best friend of Guatemala. I really like her. Love, Emilee

  17. I’m working at church, smelling prime rib. Torture… I know you feel the same way about Sweetheart Banquet work day…

  18. Thanks for the prayers for the team. Tonight is our final devotions and then leave early in the morning. Needless to say, everyone on the team has expressed an interest in coming back. It has been a wonderful week. We have seen and felt the power of the Lord in many ways. We will share more when we return. Dios Te Bendiga…..oh, and prime rib has nothing on what we had this week for food!

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