Karen Vander Sluis


16 thoughts on “Karen Vander Sluis

  1. Been praying for you this morning. Will be anxious to hear that you have arrived safely in Guatemala

  2. Praying for you all. Can’t wait to see pictures and hear from you all. Hope the flight there was a great one!!! Be blessed, and shine for Jesus. 🙂

  3. Missed you both so much at small group the last 2 times. Praying for many blessings on you this week!

  4. Words cannot express how im feeling right now! Thinking about it brings tears to my eyes. I have never been so comforted in the fact that God has gone before us in my life.
    The 3 hour trip to the village yesterday was unbelievable! Will write more later!

  5. Good morning Karen, I hope you are keeping a journal, because you probably won’t have time to update much on this site. Thinking of you this morning and praying that you will have a good day. Enjoy the week.

  6. just back from our workday. did many things i’ve never done before but tonight the walls are standing and it looks pretty awesome. tomorrow we stucco so we will have another great day. we met the mother with her two smallest children. mom was in tears when we prayed for their family and the home we were building. God is awesome. rice, beans and tortillas were great. even ate some fruit right off the trees. last night was awesome too. I worked in the clinic and painted lots if fingernails. we always know we are getting closer to the village when we start taking the off-roads of the off-road. The gospel message has been wonderfully present!!!! l better hit the shower. not sure i’ve ever been this dirty :)) Exhausted right now but feeling wonderful. check other blogs and really get informed. Thanks for all your prayers – they are wonderfully being answered!

  7. It’s good to hear that your trip is going well and you’re getting dirty. You know you’re successful when you’re down and dirty. Blessings to you and all that are there sharing God’s love. You are definitely in our prayers. We are getting more snow so enjoy the warmth.

  8. Hi Karen
    It’s great to read all the posts and see what you are doing on each day and how challenging it is to get where you need to be. We know God is leading and you are doing his work. We pray for you often as well as the rest of the team. Stay well and safe.

  9. Another wonderful day! we went back and worked on the houses again today. We sanded down the mudding and gave it another coat. We then had a huge stuccoing party. All of us worked together on this project. some were putting on the stucco and the rest of us were delivering the stucco to them. Things got a little crazy sometimes. Once I was scrapping them off my glasses. OOPS! But when I showered I couldn’t figure out how some of it got where it was! 🙂 We were able to meet the rest of the family that we are building for today. The little 3 year old wasn’t nearly as shy today. The little one was so cute! I even got a picture of him in his house swinging in a hammock, fast asleep. The doors are on, the window in and the porch roof put on. It’s starting to look really nice. Tomorrow we paint the inside and put murals on the walls. Then dedicate the homes to them. The whole family will be present for that. When we got back, I went down to the orphanage and helped fold clothes for the workers. Then did some cleaning in the kitchen. well i better go talk to Melissa and figure out how we are going to do the murals. hope she is a better artist than I am or we’ll just have to recruit some help!

  10. So glad things are going so well. Somebody in that group must be able to draw. Then the rest can fill in the blank, just like coloring or painting. Should I send Eric? God will provide. Stick figures work too. Blessings!

  11. We love you too! Sounds like you are having a great time! Miss you and pray for you daily! May God use to you to bless others and BE blessed by others. Things are well here at home. Can’t wait to see you on Friday! XOXO

  12. Had an amazing day! We dedicated the homes this afternoon and saw many ways Satan was working very hard but…God won 5-0!! Yeah God! Wahoo!!!! Keep praying for all those families that accepted Christ today. And especially the 2 families whose husbands/fathers decided to be absent. They are running from God and making it tough for the moms. Cried today when I left – the Lord be with the those families! didn’t get home until 8:30, then supper and shower – wow did that feel good

  13. Wow, I can’t wait to talk to you when you and Denny get home. So excited to hear about what God is doing there. Love and prayers to all of you. Leonard and Jan

  14. We will miss you at the Sweetheart Banquet tonight. We will praying you you as you travel tomorrow. See you back at home!

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