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  1. Wishing you a wonderful week! May God bless and keep you all safe through your journeys! Looking forward to the updates – Can’t wait to hear how God’s working through you all!

  2. Hi Kari. I signed up to pray specifically for you this week. If you have met Rob and Landon, I am part of their family. If not, I am sure you will. I think we may have even gone to high school together. Anyway, I prayed for safe, uneventful travel. Hopefully it went that way. I also am praying that God will speak so clearly to you this week. I know you will see Him again and again. Blessings on your time at the medical clinic!

  3. Hi Kari, I am anxious to hear about your trip and your first day there. I’m sure it is warmer there than it is here. Jodi even had snow yesterday-her car was covered. The teachers in TN were hoping for a snow day-which they have even if there is an inch of snow.

  4. Wow what an amazing start to the week. It is beautiful here and our trip went so well. We got in early this morning and started the day at 0700. Mom it smells like the Black Hills! You are so coming sometime! Today we head for a medical clinic that is about 3 hours away. The roads here are….interesting. I will take pictures. Thank you for the prayers! God is here with us! Hi to my kiddos – hope you have a good day with dad! Love you – Kari (mom).

  5. Kari (mom)
    jesse says: I hope you have a good trip
    Cory says: Thanks for the letters. Are there any toucans there? 🙂
    Ethan says: I miss you (seriously)
    Ava says: I ate 3 pakages of fruit snacks today because I wouldn’t let it go and dad is a softy!
    Dad says: So far so good and thank God there are vitamins in fruit snacks!
    We hope are having fun and we expect awesome souvenirs…can you say coconut monkey.

  6. So roads here are worse than interesting. By the time we left after packing meds/beans/rice and organizing mountains of donated things, it was about 1230. It took us over 3 hours of travel time – beautiful country and eye opening – a lot to take in! The devil really didn’t want us to go San Ramon, our van overheated once and got stuck going up a very steep, rocky, muddy hill. But we made it and were welcomed by a village all wearing their best. The match box cars were a hit! It was hard to give stuff away because all the children wanted one of everything. But we managed to get rid of it all. These villagers have never heard the Word of God or Jesus. This is a hard concept to grasp – NEVER have heard of God? the Love of Jesus? We had a very productive day and are now back home at 12:30 AM. We do another clinic tomorrow but not as far away this time.
    Cory – no there is no Toucans, but there are lemon, avacado, and banana trees. Oh, and a volcano. Ethan – I miss you too – Seriously. Jesse – I am having a good time. I keep thinking how someday I need to take you boys along! Ava – there are worse things than Fruit snacks, Jake – Stay strong, when she is 16, you can not be a softy! Love you all, Keep praying!

  7. So hard to believe that they have never heard the word of God, especially when we take it do for granted. I’m glad they liked the match box cars. What a different world for you to experience! Wish I was there too. Today was snowy and windy. Dad and I tiled the floor and needed 6 more pieces do quick made a trip to SF. Praying for a great day tomorrow. Love you. Mom

  8. Kari, so glad everything is going ok! Levi got his 2nd tooth! Hope to hear more updates from you – think of you all day!

  9. kari(mom)
    Glad to hear your having a good trip. Pastor Hanson and Ruth say hi. Cory wants to know if the volcano is active. Have you seen any interesting animals? It was a balmy 40 degrees today, the kids went outside and needless to say dad is now washing all their stuff(oh so muddy)! Ethan want to know if there are lizards there. Gotta go game is starting. Love you!

  10. Another wonderful day! Our drive to the village today was not nearly as precarious, but Jake – you would not have liked it much. Narrow roads and up in the mountains. This village was a much different experience. I am amazed at the difference. We played soccer with the kids and colored and then I even got to do a minor medical procedure on a little guy – I’ll spare the details, but I was honored by bunches of banans! It was amazing to see the people receive the Love of Jesus after Hermano Jesus’ (the preacher) sermon. It was a humbling experience to see the people accept His love.

    Ethan, I have no idea if there are lizards here. But last night we did see a tarantula! I took a picture! It was about 5 inches across, hairy legs! Cory, the one volcano is named fuego – means fire and is constantly spewing smoke. The other one is dormant right now. I’m glad you boys got to play outside! Tomorrow we start building houses, we wake up at 5:30! Miss you kids! And everyone else, but they keep us very busy! Thank you for the prayers, they are keeping us safe and allowing the Holy Spirit to work in us all!
    Love You!

  11. kari(mom) Cory says he has been thinking of you and wants to know if there is impending volcanic doom. The boys really like the notes, every morning is like Christmas. So your probably gonna have enough house building experience to give Bob Vila a run for his money, or at least enough to finish our house right! The boys have lots of questions mostly reptile or jungle animal related but you can answer those when you get home. I had to call in the pros to fix the phone, turns out it was an outside issue. You should have heard the noise the phone lady made when she asked if we had dogs outside and I said that the dog is friendly and so is the pig!
    Rest up you have to be extraordinary again tomorrow!
    We love you and are proud of you!

  12. I told my students that you gave out the hot wheels. They were so happy. I showed them where you were. They were impressed. Dad and I grouted the tile tonight. We got finished at 12. What a huge job that was. Not going to put grouting on my future job list either. Have a great day tomorrow. Love you lots. Mom

  13. Hi All! Sorry I didn’t write anything last night, we had generator problems and no electricity at 9:30PM till about 5:00 this afternoon. That’s really OK because we were really tired. We started building our houses in Lorena Yesterday. We started with tinlike metal studs and framed up the walls, hung sheetrock, cement rock on the outside, started mudding and put on corner trim. It was a HUGE day. But we were able to interact with our families (that are going to get the house we are building) which is really neat. Our mom and dad have two little boys ages 5 and 18 months. They are so cute. The 5 year old looks about 3 – normal for kids here – much smaller than their age if compared to american kids – anyway, today we put stucco on the houses and he was such a big helper – it was so cute! Today we also finished mudding the inside – and put the porch roof on our house. We were done quite early, so when we got back to the base, we all tackled projects here. I did more mudding. Great practice so I will be ready to go when I get home! I also got some awesome tips from a general contractor from Michigan, so am kinda excited to get going at home:)
    We get to see a lot of school kids walking or biking or riding horse or motorcycle or moped with their parents on the way to the worksite. The children here do not have to go to school and it can be a hardship for many of them because they need to pay for their own books, material for uniforms and bring a gift for the teacher every week.
    I am glad you boys like your letters every morning. I miss you so much, but the week is half over already. Don’t worry, the volcano will not bring any impending doom – the one has never erupted in history and the other only puffs, and may do a little more than that, but nothing too devastating.
    There is so much to tell you and I would love to write it all, but we are having devotions soon and then it is bedtime. We are up at 5:30 and on the road an hour later. I have taken 240 pictures so far, so I will have a lot to tell you! Love you So much!

  14. Kari I’m glad your having a wonderful adventure. Ava threw a fit tonight looking for the kindle it was comical, she drags me into our room to find it and when i tell her you took it along there was lots of sobbing and the only audible words being kindle and game followed by more crying…fruit snacks to the rescue! Good thing she’s easily distracted like her dad.
    Things are good here the house only looks like it got hit by a small tornado. The kids miss you very much (and so do I). We are praying for you everyday. Love you Jake

    P.S. Grant called tonight its Girl Scout cookie time again!YAY!

  15. Good Morning from Ethan’s second grade class. We hope you are having a great time. We are praying for you everyday. Take care and be safe! Love, Ethan and the 2nd grade class!

  16. Kari, thinking of you today. So excited to hear all your stories when you get back. We’ll have to do a big supper so you only have to tell them once!
    Went to SF yesterday, drive was boring without being able to call you. Ran into our favorite NICU nurse……………… lol
    Have a super day!

  17. Love your updates, I’m going to read some of the work you do at devotions on Friday so the whole school can listen to what you are doing. Did you build that house completely or just remodel it? When I read that all i just so wish I was there too. I would probably gather the kids that weren’t in school and have a little learning session though. We are having awesome weather today but it is supposed to snow on Sat and Sun. We got completely finished with our floor last night. It was a huge job. I agree with Tara on the supper thing!!! Maybe we will need to spend my free pizza points :))) Love you much mom oh, that $ I gave you-most of that is supposed to be used for you to get some things to remember your trip with.

  18. Hi, hope you are having a good time from the fourth grade class at Hull Christian. We have a couple of questions for you. The first one is: Is it difficult to communicate with people from that culture? Secondly, we were wondering what your jobs were for the week. Also, what kids of food do you get to eat and what types of clothing do guatemalons wear? Thanks!

  19. Hi All! We finished our houses today. We started from a cement pad approximately 10′ x 12′. We built up from there. Today we finished putting on the roof and painting the inside. The people that sponsored the houses picked out a bible verse to go with the house, so we were able to paint whatever we wanted to go along with our verse. Ours was Isaiah 40:31, those that hope in the Lord will renew their strength,… We painted the first part on one wall with our hand prints underneath, then Vicki’s dad actually had that verse embroidered on his bible cover with an eagle, so he duplicated the eagle and drew it on the next wall. We painted a mountain with a man running at the base on the next wall and then we used Caleb (Vicki’s son) and Landon (Rob’s son) to put footprints walking on the next wall. It really looked great and my description does not do it justice.
    That was the easy part of the day, next came lunch – beans, rice – a staple here in Guatemala. Interesting fact: alone, beans and rice do not do much for the body, but together they create an enzyme to be a whole food that provides perfect nutrition. So this is what most people here eat for EVERY meal.
    For the 4th graders, it is not hard to communicate with the people here. Almost all of them speak spanish. In the first village we went to on Saturday, it is a rather new village. They are Mayan and speak with a Mum dialect. It is a bit harder to understand. Also in that village which is coastal – near Antigua if you look on the map, they wear the traditional Guatemalan clothing – it is a hand woven, thick blanket like skirt that is tied with a ‘wrap’ high at the waist. The shirt is made of the same woven material, short sleeved and very colorful. I will send pictures – the clothing is beautiful. The Moutain Guatemalans wear colorful woven skirts and usually lighter colored shirts – that is the traditional, but there is a lot of Western influence in the cities – sad because the other clothing is so beautiful! While we were at the villages we were not allowed to eat the food because of the theat of parasites. Their water here is not safe to drink unless it is purified.
    After our houses were painted to day, we prayed and dedicated the houses to the Lord. You would think this would be a quick task, but this took about 1 hour per house and was about the most spiritually intense thing I have ever been through. Amazing is the Power of the Holy Spirit.
    That is all for tonight. I have so much more to tell you when I get home – but we may need more than a night at the Pizza Ranch!
    Love you all! Miss you more!

  20. Last night here. I am so anxious to get home and share everything I have seen and learned here. Vicki and I spent the morning going through Dan’s (the missionary in charge here) Jump Pack – it’s an emergency medical kit he keeps between the front seats in his van. It was a real mess, so we put our nursing skills to work and organized and cleaned it up so it is much more usable. Then, he wanted us to check the defibrillator machine that was donated years ago to see if it worked properly. Well, after an extensive search of the upstairs at the base – we found it. But it did not even turn on. So much of the medical equipment/meds/supplies are donated from fascilities or people that have access to expired things. But being that the US FDA has such strict standards for meds, the meds are usable even outdated. I have learned so much on so many levels here. Medical, Spiritual, construction, and building relationships with people putting Jesus first. It is amazing what the Holy Spirit can do when He comes first.
    Then, we went to Antigua to the market and did some shopping. That was a lot of fun, but I realized how “American” we are. We ate at Pollo Camanero – a Guatemalen KFC. It was good. We shopped and met at a McDonald’s later. Amazing how the city folk live compared to the villages. There is such a difference. According to Dan, 10% of Guatemala’s people hold 90% of the wealth. Puts the poverty in perspective.
    Tomorrow I come home! I miss you boys and Ava and Jake and everyone else. I miss phone calls with Tara:) – wait till you see what I found for Levi! I can’t wait to show you all the pictures! We leave at 3:30 tomorrow morning, so please pray everything goes smooth. Apparently it is harder to get back into the States than it is to get into Guatemala. Go figure. Love you SO much! See you tomorrow!

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