Landon Hofmeyer


13 thoughts on “Landon Hofmeyer

  1. Hi Bud. Let us know what you thought about the flying went. What do you think of Guatemala so far? We are praying for you that God will allow you to show the love of Jesus to those there. We know you will. It is very natural for you. Kortney says, “I hope you have a fun time in Guatemala.” We love you!

  2. Hi Landon. Kortney says, “I hope you can have a really awesome time at the medical clinic and going home back to the base.” Kortney and I prayed for you this morning. We prayed for God to surround you and fill you today. Have fun playing with all the kids. Maybe you can show them some football moves. We love you lots and miss you! I can’t wait to hear from you!

  3. Dear mom and sisters I am having so much fun .i have already seen how blesed i am.


  4. Wow! It is so good to hear from you! We are praying for you all the time and it is so neat to hear that God has shown you how you are blessed. I can’t wait to read your Guatemala journal!
    Kortney says,” I hope you can have an awesome time on your next trip.” Karlee says, “I love you Landon and I hope you keep having fun.”
    Love, Mom

  5. Hi Tough guy. It is fun to read all the different messages. Remember you are my special guy and we laugh a lot. When you return, we can play silly balls and darts. I keep praying for you while you are in Guatemala. I am glad that you can have this time with your dad and work to help others know Jesus. I remember you said you would call me as soon as you get back. Love you lots honyock (you rascal). Love, Grandma

  6. Hey Landon, it’s awesome to hear you are enjoying Guatemala! You will be a blessing to the people on your team and the kids in Guatemala! We are praying for you & your dad.

  7. Hi buddy. I hope the medical clinic went well tonight. It will be fun to start building houses tomorrow. Give dad a kiss from me for his birthday–and remember to do what we planned. 🙂 I’m glad you are with him to make his birthday special. I thought you might want to know the turn out of the Superbowl. The Ravens won–34 to 31. There was a really weird power outage the 3rd quarter which delayed the game. Have a good night sleep! Remember to write in your journal and take lots of pictures too!! The girls and I miss you and love you! Love, Mom

  8. Hi Landon. We really miss our egg-maker man. We had to settle for waffles today. It is not the same without you! Love , Mom, Karlee and Kortney

  9. Hi Landon! We are praying for you and can not wait to hear about your trip! We have been looking at the world map in Aaron’s room to find out where you are at! Love you! Emma, JJ,Zach, Aaron, Nathan, Uncle Mark, and Aunt Amber

  10. Landon,
    I hope you are having a great time down there. I am sure the weather is great and that you are enjoying the team you are working with. Keep blessing the people you come in contact with!! This is the point in the trip where late nights, long days, and early mornings start to catch up with you. Persevere and keep smiling!! We will be praying for you! Oh and don’t eat ice cream when you head into Antigua.

  11. Hey Landon
    We are so proud of what you are doing there!!! What a true blessing you are to those people. We hope you are having a great time. Can’t wait to hear all about it!!!
    Love you Aunt Sarah, Uncle Jesse, Samantha, Sydney, and Sadie

  12. Hi Landon, So proud of you for going to Guatemala to show Jesus love to others, Praying those around you can see Jesus in you. you are such a special young man to God and he is so proud of you that at your age you have the desire to show God’s love to others. Praying for you, have a safe trip back home. Val

  13. Landon, I can’t wait to hear about your trip when you get back to school! I would like to go to Guatemala sometime.
    Naomi Mellema

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