Loren Dykstra


8 thoughts on “Loren Dykstra

  1. Loren! Welcome to Guatemala 🙂 Enjoy your time, I will be praying for the villages you will be serving. May the Lord’s love spread like wildfire.

  2. Praying for you this week Loren. Excited to hear about all the ways God uses you, and all the ways he shows you His love in new ways!

  3. Julia Logan and Collin
    It is so nice here the weather is great we did a medical clinic yesterday and handed alot of the toys you got from your class Julia the kids loved them hope your day is great
    Love Dad

  4. Dad thank you for giving the kids our toys. I hope you remembered to give our toys from away too. I hope your having a great time! I’m getting ready for school. I was the first one up! Love you

  5. Daddy I have not been busy in the shop. I am waiting to work with you on Saturday. How is the house building going? I am staying at Uncle Jason’s tonight. I had a play date at Gr. & Gr. Oolman this morning. I will be there again tomorrow with Collin. Julia is at school. I love you! Mon 2:10pm sent (? time is off)

  6. Logan collin Julia
    Glad everything is going well The house building is going great but it was very hot. Becca did great, she had alot of fun playing with the other kids. the time is off Love you

  7. Loren – praying that you’re having an amazing week! And praying especially that God shows you new and special things on this trip. I’m sure they are putting your skills to use on the homes!

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