Michael Kragskow


17 thoughts on “Michael Kragskow

  1. SO glad you are there. God will bless you more than you can imagine! I am praying for you this week Mike

  2. Praying that you have a great day at the medical clinic site and that God has great thing in store for the whole group today.

  3. I am having an amazing time here!!! My body is tired and on empty, but my soul has been awaken and is now full. Its hard to describe all the thoughts and emotions, but all I can say is I have only been here for a couple days and I am already looking forward to the next trip here! I am extremely thankful for a my lovely wife Leah, for giving me this unbelievable gift! I also thank God that I have such amazing inlaws that love and appreciate me for who I am and who I want to become! I also want to thank my parents for being there for me when I needed them most and giving me the necessary tools to succeed in life! I will have to appologize to my mom because I broke her sunglasses… They will not come hime in one piece, however I will with a renewed strength and vigor to rethink my life and my goals in life and concentrate on what is truly important! Thanks again to all who read!!! I would like to conclude my thread by stating I LOVE YOU to my wife Leah!

  4. I am so glad that you are having an amazing time experiencing all of people,culture,new friendships and the great power of the God that we believe in. I love you too and pray for even more miracles to happen while you are there.

    Kayleigh and Peyton say that they miss you and hope you stay safe while you are away. And they love you sooo much

  5. WE are praying that you got some good rest & feel refreshed for a new week. Enjoy the weather, & Take care of yourself!! After a snowy/ grey Saturday the week is looking good here too

  6. Hi Michael! Sounds like you’re having an amazing experience! May God bless you and keep you all safe. Enjoy and we’ll talk with you soon!

  7. Today we had a labor intensive day, but it was totally worth it! Building the homes for the people was such a heartfelt experience! The expression “If you could walk a mile in their shoes” definitely applies! To experience the love of God and the comradery of a different culture is an event that words cannot describe. Thanks for the responses, I miss the kids and you Leah, I love you and cannot wait till I get home!

  8. Wish I could be there with you. I am so glad that you get this experience and can see how God can work in miraculous ways. Can’t wait to hear the stories and see the pictures. I love you and cannot wait to hear from you on your next post

  9. MIchael,
    I heard it was HOT today, please take care of yourself , your wearing a hat right?? Just to think that the new family has a place to sleep tonight because of God & the team is a rewarding thought. More importantly a new Eternal home!!
    Love, Lor

  10. Keep up the good work and we’ll keep sending our thoughts and prayers your way. So glad you get to have this amazing experience. I’m looking forward to hearing all about it! Take care and we’ll see you soon!!

  11. I am still having a great time here! I am thankful that the people here are extremely nice and kind (Maurice reform members & and the local people). Today wasn’t as physically demanding, however I still broke a decent sweat! All is well here in paradise, the weather is amazing and the cinematograghy is awesome!!!! I wish that you, Leah, were with me… But, I still feel that the trip has changed my life and has given me a newfound perspective! In this journey I feel that I have a closer relationship to God and feel that I can make better decisions in the future! Life is too short, and I would like to leave this earth with a good impression made on my children and the others around me! Thanks to all who replied, I love you and I miss you all!!!

  12. I hope today was another amazing day for you. The kids wanted me to say HI and I love u. I cam really tell that they are missing their dad,especially Peyton. I love you and I am missing you more and more the longer you are gone. I can’t wait to hear the stories that you will have to share

  13. I miss you daddy. I wish you were with me today. I want you to come home a day early. How is Ray doing and what did you do today did you make new friends? If you did write back. I love you. I know that you have red hair and I know Ray is doing I hope. where are you right now? Thank you for coming home on Friday I get to go to Deshler

  14. Hey Mike, I hope that you are doing well down there, it already seems like it based on your replies. We pray that you continue to experience God in a way that you haven’t before and that you can take some of that back with you here. We also pray that God uses you down there to have a permanent impact on those that you interact with.

    Safe travels back!! Can’t wait to hear about what God has done!

  15. Thanks to every one commenting, it feels great to have so many people that care for me! Hi Kayleigh, hi Peyton I love you both and miss you dearly! Leah, I love you so much that words cannot describe, and I miss you more every day! i cannot wait till I get back to see everyone! love you all

  16. Hey Micheal, working with you father in law for a week will surely help you grow physically and spiritually for he will be a great teacher in both areas. The best thing about going to a place like that is coming home to a wonderful family and home that they dont have there.We are so blessed and that really makes you realize that, Keep save in your work and travels

  17. Travel safe tomorrow and I hope the while trip was worth every minute you were away. I love you and will be seeing you tomorrow

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