Philip Dykstra


5 thoughts on “Philip Dykstra

  1. Phil,
    Lifting you and you family and team members in prayer. May you feel God’s blessings while you are blessing others.
    Jerry and Lana

  2. Hi Phil. Praying for you. Thanks for being such a great leader with such a servant heart. Blessings as you go out and serve through the medical clinic.

  3. Phil – we are so excited for you this week, getting to be in Guat with your family! I will never forget how awesome it was to have you and Kathy there the first time I went. You two are very, very special, and you have blessed me in so many ways. Praying for an amazing week!

  4. Phil, we are praying for you as you serve this week, may you be the hands and feet of Jesus, May everyone you meet see and hunger for God’s love, Praying for you, Perry and Val

  5. My heart is wishing we were there with you guys! You just have an incredible family, that blesses so many people. Even though you’ve been there multiple times, we are praying that God shows you something new and special. Hope you feel His love and grace!

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