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  1. We hope you had a wonderful trip to Guatemala. The girls cried a little after we left the parking lot. They missed you. We are praying for you! Kortney and I had a great day. We are planning a movie night and Just Dance Disney. She says , “Thanks for being my dad. I hope you have a fun time in Guatemala.” We will let you know how Karlee’s night went tomorrow. She was very excited. We miss you lots!

  2. Have a wonderful 1st day! It is great to hear that you made it there! Kortney says “Dear Dad, I hope you can have a really fun morning having a medical clinic and I hope that you have a fun time.” We both prayed together for you this morning. Kirk has already stopped and is on his way with the furniture. Love you lots!! Can’t wait to hear from you.

  3. Hi Honey–I just realized after reading an email from Vicki that I took the wrong size shirt for Landon. I think Caleb has the Medium and Landon has the youth large currently. Could you help them get those switched around? Landon’s shirt was packed in his backpack. Thanks. Love you!

  4. Hi honey, I am really anxious to hear from you. I am sure you have been busy. Dan sent out an email to all the intercessors pleading for prayer as you went to this medical clinic. He said it was a very remote village and this was the 1st time going and that the people there were a little fearful of your coming. He also mentioned that no one in the village was a Christian. I was praying like crazy all day today that you would be safe and that their hearts would be open and accepting of Christ. Dan also said in his email that there was some pretty big spiritual warfare before you even left, so hopefully that all got worked out. God is bigger, stronger and greater. I know that but was still a little worried about you. Anyway, we had a good day. Karlee had a great time, but both girls were tired today so they took a nap before we went to Jenn’s. We went out to eat at the Family Table and then did facials. It was fun. It started lightly snowing at 4 and continued until about 8. The wind picked up a little later, so it was slow going on the way home but we made it. I am glad you are enjoying warm temperatures. Love you lots and miss you! I hope to hear from you soon!

  5. Hi Honey we are haveing a good time. Sorry for the delayed responce. We have pretty much been on the go since we landed. The medical clinic went awesome! It was a pretty rough road getting there but the Lord saw us through to the clinic and back home. Preparing now for clinic number two. This one is a little closer. Landon is doing great! He is such a troper and really enoyed playing with the kids last night! Thanks for your prayers and know that we miss you guys. Tell Kortney and Karlee that Daddy loves them.

    Love Dad

  6. Hey Rob and Landon, Just letting you know that Jer and I are covering you with our thoughts and prayers. We can just see Landon there being a trooper and working hard. He is such a neat kid! Happy Birthday Rob on the 4th. It will be a special one for you! I guess we will not try to call you. You have a wonderful experience and come home safely. We love you! Deb & Jer

  7. So great to hear from you! I am glad you made it to the medical clinic and back. Landon probably enjoyed the off-roading! I can’t wait to hear what he thought of all the kids. I imagine that he is running on adrenaline since you have been lacking in sleep a little. How is the journal for school going? I bet that it is fun to do that to reflect on each day. I can’t wait to see it. Church was great this morning. Looking forward to the superbowl later. The girls are missing you boys. Kortney says, “God loves you, Dad. I hope you have a fun time.” Karlee says, “I hope your next trip is fun and I love you.” It is a little warmer today and sunny. Have a great day! Love you lots and miss you!

  8. Remember to take lots of pictures!! We can’t wait to see where you have been!

  9. Rob great to here you made it safely you have to have a few things happen to make memories like getting stuck. I was praying all night for your group and it sounds like God did great things through you as you shared God’s love. Praying for today also as you travel tonight and may the devil be bound up that God can be Glorified to this village that more souls will come to know the Lord.
    In His Grip

  10. Rob. It is a blessing to know that you take the opportunity to do this. It is a blessing for you and Landon, the people there and the people at home. I know you will take good care of Landon and yourself. I am praying that you will touch people’s lives spiritually. I pray that an experience like this will help your team to grow spiritually and grow deeper in their faith.

  11. Hi Rob, glad to hear things are going well. Our small group is praying for you guys.
    Have a great birthday tomorrow. May it be especially blessed for you, and may you be a special blessing to the people you are ministering to as well as to your team!

  12. I hope you had a great medical clinic tonight! I am excited to hear how it went. The Superbowl was good. The Ravens won 34 to 31. In the 1st half the 49ers were way behind. It was something like 28 to 6. It looked like it would be a blowout. Then the strangest thing happened–in the 3rd quarter the whole stadium lost power. The game was delayed for 35 minutes while they got the lights back on. The 49ers came back and but in the end the Ravens won. It was fun to watch. Have a good night sleep! Happy Happy Birthday tomorrow. I will write you then! Love you lots!

  13. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Daddy. Happy Birthday to you! The girls and I wish you a wonderful birthday. I pray that God will bless you in a special way today! We love you so much!! Let us know how your day went!

  14. Happy birthday, Rob!!! I hope you’re having an awesome time with Landon and the rest of the team. Enjoy this special birthday, and praying that God is using you all in mighty ways. I know He already is!

  15. Happy Birthday Rob! We are thinking of you and Landon and have been praying for you guys. Aaron has been checking out your location on his world map in his room! He wonders if there are any tropical birds that you have seen yet? I can not wait to hear all about your trip and especially the medical clinics. Tell Landon hello!

  16. Happy Birthday Rob! I wonder if they are having a party at the feed store without you? Have a great week!

  17. Happy Birthday Robbie!! I hope you and Landon are having a great time together experiencing Guatemala. I am sure he is having a blast playing with the Guatemalan kids! Have a great birthday and make sure you play some soccer (football) with the locals today.

  18. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBBIE LEE!! We hope your day is special. Sounds like you’re having an amazing time. We can’t wait to hear all about it when you get home! We’re praying for you lot’s! Tell Landon “Hi” from the Vis Family! Cody and Joslyn want you to know that they have pictures for you when you get home. 🙂 Take Care & have a great rest of the week!!

  19. Happy Birthday Rob! i think this is number 38 right? i missed my feeder repair man on saturday but i got it done without you. well gotta go dump buckets listy is feelin ill the day after super bowl again. good luck with all those dykstras down there.

  20. Thanks for all the Birthday well wishes everyone! What a great bunch. Happy Birthday to You as well Tracy!
    Karlee Korts & Mom thanks for the great card and the birthday treats! They will be awesome. Karley & Korts tell mom I;m going to hold her to her birthday promise. I bet you all are wondering what that is:)
    Today was the first day of house building it went great. Landon was such a trooper he hung in there all day long. Everyone says he is the energizer bunny.
    Last night was another good night @ the medical clinic. Smaller village, but very receptive people. Another great sould harvest for the Lord.

    Looking forward to tomorrow. Thanks for all your prayers we can really tell it doen here. Can’t wait to speak with all of you .

    Love ya Rob

  21. Happy birthday Rob…left a note on the main page not realizing everyone has their own site, praying for you, hope you have a gtreat week

  22. Hi Honey. Thanks for the response. I am so happy that you get to be in 80 degree weather on your birthday 🙂 The girls and I had a good day of school and gymnastics. We decided to eat at Subway and both girls totally sacked out at 6:30 on the way home. They are to bed for the night. They were exhausted. Tell Landon that I am proud of his hard work. I hope he gets a little sleep too. I am sure he is very excited about everything he is taking in. Did you get to see the orphanage? I can’t wait to hear about that! I hope you had a wonderful birthday today. We are praying like crazy for you and the people there. What family are you building for? Are you and Landon still feeling well? We are praying for health for everyone!! I just know that God is working in and through you. We miss you tons and tons!

  23. Hi Babe,

    Another good day! Awesome village food yet again! I did make it to the orphanage and am glad you aren’t here because we would get arrested for trying to smuggle them out of the country. They are sooooooooooooooo cute! You will have to come down and see for your self. Landon is doing well, both of us are healthy so far. Miss you guys too. Tomorrow dedication day will be a big one. Thanks for all your prayers!

  24. Oh Man, I wish I was there. I will definitely need to go again-especially to see the orphanage. I am glad to hear you are both healthy. The girls and I went to a tea party at Stacey Dunsing’s tonight. She made cream puffs and shortbread cookies to have with our tea. She and one of her roommates made us supper too. It was so fun! I don’t think we have eaten at home one night since you’ve been gone. Fun girl stuff. School is going well. Karlee had a little fall yesterday off the spider thing on the playground and may have slightly bruised her tailbone, but she still did gymnastics, so I think she will be okay. I would appreciate your prayers for tomorrow. I am helping lead the guy/girl purity night. I will be speaking to the girls. Between working on that, working at school and all the girl stuff, I am quite tired and a little behind on sleep. I need a regular routine again too. 🙂 I am praying for your big dedication day tomorrow! Tell us a little about the family who you built for and how they responded. Praying for hearts given to Jesus. Thanks for your servant heart and for bringing Landon to experience God in a new way! We really miss you boys!! Love you!

  25. Hey Rob
    Hope you and Landon are having a wonderful time. We’re keeping you in our prayers. Can’t wait to hear about the trip. What a blessing you are to those people, safe travels home!!.
    Love ya Sarah, Jesse, Samantha, Sydney, and Sadie

  26. Good day today! Will pray for Karlee. Tell her Dady loves her. Say hi to Kortney too. We thought our family was a single mom with a little girl & boy. turns out her husband showed up today. They had been split up and just got back together about 20 days ago. Bid spiritual battle! Will tell you more about it later. Need to get to devo”s.

    Love you guys,

    Landon & Dad

  27. Thanks for the update. I kind of live for those! 🙂 Jr. GAP went really well tonight! I had a lot of prayers and the Holy Spirit definitely took over. Have a wonderful time in Anitgua tomorrow! Love you. 2 days. We are counting down.

  28. Hi guys! Landon & I were really not all that excited about the shopping endevor….imagine that:) But boy did we score the deals. Landon is really excited to show you the gifts. We had so much fun! We are about to have our final devo’s…should be another good night. We have to leave the base @ 3:30 tomorrow morning. Pretty early! We fly out @ about 7:00 should arrive in Houston about 10:30 or so. We will have to clear customs then. Will try to give you a call as sooooooon as we can when we get to Houston. Miss you guys and can’t wait to see you tomorrow!!!!

    Love Landon & Dad

  29. Hi Rob! Just wanted you to know how proud of you we are to be following The Lord and leading your son/ family by showing them how to serve. We pray you have a safe trip home. Love, Brad

  30. Hey Heather and Rob….you probably won’t check this anymore but I was on the site just now looking for the blog for the current group traveling to Gaut (not up on the site yet) and I saw your team so checked it out. This is Brian Klaver – my wife Cindy and I were on the team with you guys a couple years back! Hope you are both doing well! We just got back from PB a few weeks ago with a group of 25 high schools students we brought with us. Hope you (Rob and Landon) had a great experience together! Best wishes to your family!

    Brian (and Cindy) Klaver

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