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  1. Kortney says “Thanks for being my Pioneer Club teacher. I hope you have an awesome time in Guatemala.” We are praying that you will be filled with God’s love and grace this week.

  2. Sean,
    We are excited for you and hoping you have an awesome week. We’re praying that all goes smoothly this trip 🙂 Trusting that God will show you His love in new and amazing ways!

  3. Good Morning Everyone!

    Yesterday was a very emotional day. It started out with breakfast at 8am and than personal devotions. We than packed many different kinds of medication for the medical clinic later on. Arond 10:30 we had devotions as a group. We started off with sinnging and AJ picked out the song “He Knows My Name.” That brought tears to many of eyes. Dan spoke quickly about rather than loving God, we need to fall in love with God. We than ate a quick lunch and left for our medical clinic around noon.

    The medical clinic was about 80 miles away we guessed but it took over 3 hours to get there. We drove for about an hour and a half on nice paved roads and the next hour and a half on itty bitty dirt roads that are more suitable for a 4 wheeler. The village we went to was at the end of the road and had never been visited by missionaries before. It was a small village of maybe 60 people. It was a battle to even get to the village though. A couple of the vans got stuck about a 1/4 mile away and we had to get out and push which caused to arrive a little later than we were hoping.

    Dan told us that this village had never heard the word of God. He said there was a lot of spiritual warfare going on because of this. It was an interesting experience for me as it was my first medical clinic. It was great to see the changes that happened as the day went on. It started out with us pulling up and they were waiting for us in awe and a little apprehensive I think as well. We then began into hand out toys, soccer balls, and candy for the kids and began to interact with them. Then as the day went on the mothers began to work with the kids a little more and interact with them. The fathers seemed to stand back and observe for the most part. A couple of the fathers would check in on there children every once in a while. I played soccer with some boys for quite awhile. They had a cement pad left over from the plantation that was there before that they turned into a soccer field. That was a lot of fun except on 3 sides of the pad if the ball went off the pad it would roll a long ways down the side of the village.

    As it grew dark and the medical clinic wound down they began a Jesus video for the villagers to watch. I was amazed at how much everyone watched but it reminded me of how blessed I am. Some of the villagers were elderly and this was probably the first time they had ever heard of Christ. After the video we sang a couple worship songs and than Hermano Jesus preached for about half an hour and than asked the villagers who wanted to accept Jesus into there hearts and lives. Guess what happened? Almost the entire village came forward. I wasn’t sure exactly what Hermano Jesus had asked at one point but I think he asked them who wants to know more about Jesus and about 20 people raised there hands. I was especially watching many of the men and one that was standing close by. He stood with his arms crossed and never showed any positive emotion. However, it didn’t take him long to go up and accept Jesus as his savior. We then handed out New Testamet Bibles to all of the adults and some of the children. That was so inspirational to me to see first hand that we brought the Word of God to people who had literally never heard it before.

    We than handed out beans and rice to the families, packed up, and headed home. The 3 hour trip went a little smoother on the way home than it did on the way there. We got home at about midnight and took showers and went to bed.


  4. Thanks for sharing! May all your efforts be blessed. Praying for you, Alison and Marlys

  5. Sean that is awesome to hear. Praying for another victory in Christ tonight as you go to another medical clinic.

  6. Sean,
    Hi! It’s Caitlyn-Uncle Craig’s daughter- and I just got an email from Paradise Bound saying that a team needs our prayers here in the states, regarding the medical clinic they were visiting. I realized the team that need prayers was from NW, Iowa and told my dad that there’s a team at Paradise Bound from Iowa!- come to find out we saw your name and Katie’s listed as part of the team! Chelsie mentioned that you have gone to Guatemala before, and it’s really awesome that you are working with PBM. I just got back from Guatemala while working alongside PBM a few weeks ago, and it was the first real mission trip I have ever gone on, it was definitely life changing experience. It’s exciting to hear your journey, and being on the other side praying for you 🙂 Just wanted to let you know you will be in our prayers everyday and hope your team can be a blessing to the Guatemalans as well as be blessed.

    -Caitlyn and Family

  7. Thank you for taking the time to share with us back here in the states! As I wrote Katie, technology is a blessing this way… our thoughts and prayers are with you!

  8. So great to hear your thoughts and experiences! Especially about the song AJ picked. Devotions were always one of my favorite things – just so powerful. Praying that God just overwhelms you with His love!

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