Vicki Schrock


11 thoughts on “Vicki Schrock

  1. Vicki,
    May you experience all the blessings that God has already planned for you while you are there….enjoy His beautiful plans for you and your team. Thank you for giving us this time to “spoil” some of our grandchildren while you are there. This is a blessing for us as well. Love,
    Lana and Jerry

  2. Hi Vicki. I said a special prayer for you today. I am sure Naomi is doing great, but I know it is hard to leave the other kids too. I pray that God will fill you will peace as you serve Him. I always admire how you humble yourself and allow God to work in and through you. You have such a compassion for people. I personally am so relieved that you are along to be “mom” to both boys. Thanks for loving on Landon as you do with so many others too. You are a special woman of God. I am can imagine that you get really energized by being able to assist with the medical clinics–you have such a passion for that. I pray that God will fill you with extra strength as you are just coming off of a long day of travel and a long week of preparing to come. With that all behind, God is going to do amazing things through you this week, as he always does. My prayers are with you.

  3. Vicki, I am so jealous right now. I really wish I was on this trip with you. Praying that you will have safe travels through guatemala city. I can’t wait to hear your experiences.

  4. Hi Vicki–I just saw an email today about the mix up with the t-shirts. I think Landon may have the Youth Large. I thought I saw it printed on the paper that that was the size he needed. It fit a little snug, so if Caleb took the other one, a trade would be great. I do remember now that we had talked about getting Landon a medium. Landon’s shirt was packed in his backpack on the way down, so you could check if it is still there. Sorry about that. Hopefully it all gets straightened out.

  5. So excited for you Vicki! And jealous of the amazing group you are with 🙂 We are praying that God unites the group in very special way, and that everyone leaves knowing God at a deeper level. We know He will use your heart to bless so many people!

  6. Vicki…
    All is going well here……except…..poor Emilee got sick to her tummy shortly after we got back from church today. She has been complaining of an earache, but says it feels somewhat better now, just feels “plugged”. I think she should stay home from school tomorrow since our school district tells us to wait 24 hrs. after being sick to come back. She’s resting, after having a warm bath, in her jammies and watching some Umizoomie. Kira seems to be dragging a little, too. So maybe she’s next? Miya is sure having fun going 110 %. Naomi’s nose had been runny non-stop, but today she seems to be feeling better.
    Sorry to hit you with this news, but really we’re doing well here. If mom and dad aren’t here, grandparents are the next best thing, right? 🙂 We’re having fun spending time with our granddaughters.
    Praying that you are getting the rest you need, that you are being blessed abundantly by God’s love and grace, and soaking in His wondrous beauty….in landscape and in people.
    Hugs, Lana 4 Jerry 2

  7. Praying for u and ur family viki! I miss you can’t wait tell you get back God Bless YOu

  8. Mom, Justin here. If Em is feeling better in the morning, she may gladly go to school. Thanks for the update. Blessings,

  9. Mom,
    I miss you. You made me smile when you were here. I want to see you again. We colored yesterday and we finger painted. I hope you have a great time. I am feeling better. I am going to school tomorrow. And we are having a good time. We baked an Angel Food cake today. And we have a good time with Grandma and Grandpa and I wish that they can stay longer when you come back home. Love, Emilee

  10. Vicki,
    Can’t wait to hear all the incredible stories from this week. What a special time with your family! Praying that God continues to show you new and amazing things. And praying that your heart for Guatemala continues to grow and grow 🙂

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