Wister Hubers


14 thoughts on “Wister Hubers

  1. Hey Dad,
    I felt jealous this morning as I read you message on facebook. Just wanted you to know that I’ll be thinking of you all week and hope that you have a terrific time in the nice, warm weather….unlike the weather here in IOWA!!!
    Luv u,
    Daiana & Kyson

  2. SO excited for you! I hope your day of travel went well and that you sleep great tonight. We are praying that God fills you to overflowing with His love. Have fun with all those kids, they will love you!

  3. Im so excited for you to go down there. I’ve been thinking about you all day in your full day of travels. Im really excited to hear about your adventure in the villages. Love you and can’t wait to hear about your experiences.

  4. arrived ok Friday. Bed by 1 am. Went to a remote village on Saturday that was literally at the end of the road, if it could be called a road. Almost a 3 hour ride toward the coastal area. The devil was pulling out all the stops to keep the gospel arriving there. The 2 wheel drive vehicles had to litterally be pushed a couple of places. The medical clinic was needed and received, the kids and adults loved the interaction and the response to the gospel was a God thing. Pray for those that received Christ and now for the discipleship follow up in months and years to come. Today another clinic and village. Tomorrow thru Wed. building houses. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!

  5. Dad that is awesome to hear! I’ve been praying and thinking about you and mom the last couple of days. Praying for another victory in Christ tonight. Love you

  6. Hey Dad, that’s good to hear!!!. Good to know GOD is working in the lives of others. Can’t say much since I’m at work. However, I’ll continue to pray for you and the rest of the gang. Luv u lots,
    Daiana & Kyson

  7. great day buidling our house today. warm. wonderful people. good food. Love ya’ll. Later.

  8. Dad – we’ve been thinking about you often! We definitely know that you are super helpful building the homes 🙂 And I can imagine that you are enjoying the devotion times as well. That was always my favorite. We can’t wait to hear your stories and see the pictures. It just bring us so much joy that you are there! Especially with so many family members.
    I’m so excited to hear that Terry and Sue Mason are there as well. Terry was like a mentor to me last time I was there. I can imagine you two being good friends 🙂
    Praying for you often!

  9. Hi Wick
    How great is this experience of a mission trip with all the family that could go together and share be in Guatemala?!!! I know you are enjoying this all. We pray for you often and ask for everyone to stay well and safe. Be a blessing and be blessed.

  10. Great day. Building ahead of schedule and wonderful people. Great group to be here with. Debbie is holdng up physically but super tired at end of day. God is good, all the time!

  11. Dad,
    it’s hard to believe your week in Guatemala is almost over! We’ve been praying all week that you are blessed beyond measure. I think we’re most excited to get to see you again, and hear you share all your stories!! We’ll be praying for safe travels home!

  12. Wednesday pm. Hit Antigua market today and picked our quota of trinkets. Don’t get excited, probably nothing for you. HEARTS FULL OF LOVE AND CONCERN FOR SOME OF THE PEOPLE we met. Debbie even wondering about what it takes to work/live here. Learning lessons from God about truly trusting him more, for everything. So amazed at the faith of those who trust God for everything. Need to do that more, completely. Hoping to get to Iowa before Jake and Steph leave. Up at 3:30 tomorrow, plane leaves 7:30 from Guat City. Should be to Madison by 6:30 pm. Blessing to all. Love you.

  13. Arrived home to Waupun about 9:30 pm Friday the 8th. Delayed leaving Houston and Chicago due to weather in the east. Had to dig though 6 inches of hard, frozen snow on the car in long term parking in Madison, but prayed, and it started. Good to be home, but hard to be home. So many emotions and now ties to people in Guatemala. Thanking God for a fantastic experience for Debbie and I and excited to see what he does with us now. Blessings!

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